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Title: The Rapid Development of LCD Technology in Panel Products


                                                             The Rapid Development of LCD Technology in Panel Products

Research institutions NPD Display Search pointed out, more and more highly advanced LCD  panel manufacturing technology are accelerated to be applied to the flat computer, even Ultrabook pen and other electric products.One of the key elements lies in the use of  high resolution panel for these products, for example iPad3 uses 9.72048 x1536 of LCD panel, furthermore the projected resolution more than 230 ppi  wil alsol become the common specification among othe electronic products such as advanced flat computer and Ultrabook pen.

 According to the TFT LCD Process Roadmap Report  by NPDDisplaySearchTFTLCD, many display technology with high performance is gradually applied in the flat computer and ultrabook pen and other electronic products.

 Take the semiconductor Oxide manufacture process for example, this piece of technology has been expected by Sharp to use in mass IGZO-LCD panel production and serve foriPad3, some Korea panel factory are also developing their own volume production plan for Oxide semiconductor. For instance,  the importance of technology Advanced Resolution Lithography which can improve the aperture ratio is also increased.

 In addition, the thin glass and glass thinning technology is also required by panel computer and Ultrabook products. In order to downsize the thickness of the glass substrates to 0.2 mm, both the thin glass and glass thinning technology are also adopted. FFS and similar Wide Viewing Angle technology IPS at present are applied to flat computer. Others advanced  display technology such as SuperHighAperture,Optical Alignment are also developing.

 It is more interesting that the efficiency improvement of these panel technologies is to increase the validity of battery and reduce the cost of the BLU module. On the other hand, these technologies also provide entirely new visual experience for flat computer users.








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